First of all I would like to thank all of our members of TSSA for giving me another term to be the President of the great organisation.I believe that this opportunity is an appreciation from the members for what I have done and contributed in the past year. I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that I will do my best as president of our organisation in days to come. I also can say that this is my only strong message from the bottom of my heart during the celebration of 22nd anniversary of our football tournament 2014.

It is my pleasure to congratulate our committee members, participants and the well-wishers, who contributes unlimited support and helps for the success of TSSA in the past and the present years.Our main objective is to promote sports activities and cultural awareness among Tamil Community home and around the world. We believe that the “sports” is a potential weapon to break any barriers related to community, regions or geographical location in order to bring all of our societies together without any discrimination or differences.

We also continue to provide further assistance and financial help to other similar organisations and local community organisations, which work hard to promote sports and other cultural activities.

We do everything to achieve our goal by providing possible assistance and financial helps as much as we can.

Being a President of TSSA for another year brings me happy and confident to contribute further towards the success of our organisation. I am also proud of my personal commitment and contribution to TSSA for such long time and will expect to do more in the future.

Let us join together our efforts to make the day a great success. You all know that commitment, sports spirit and dedication to our future young generation are our strength.

TSSA (UK) will reach new heights through hard work, and team spirit.

We have done it in the past. So we can do it this year too!!

I take this opportunity to thank our members, well-wishers, committee members and those who helped in every way to make this day very successful.

My special thanks to the participants who played the main role to make this day very entertaining and enjoyable.

Congratulations and good luck.

God Bless you all.

Edwin Gunaratnam

President TSSA (UK)